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Using behavioral science to live better with chronic illness.

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  1. A Perfectly Good Airplane

    Why does a guy with multiple sclerosis jump from a perfectly good plane…a lot? Probably not why you think. It’s about fear and dreams. In this episode, we talk about how to face your fears and reclaim your dreams stolen by time and chronic illness. ...


  2. Fear, Family & Chronic Illness with Dr. April Seifert

    Dr. April Seifert is a social cognitive psychologist, data scientist, entrepreneur, wife, mother, thriving with MS — and skydiver. She is the co-founder of Peak Mind: The Center for Psychological Strength. ( She joins us for an informed and inspiring discussion about navigating family life, growing up with rare illness, ...


  3. COVID-19 is a Global Chronic Illness

    The rest of the world has learned what life with a longterm health condition is like. We dive into why we're not handling this well, what this means for the next few months, and how you can use it to educate those around you about life with your chronic health ...


  4. New Year, New You, No Way

    It’s that time of year when we all want to turn over a new leaf and change for the better. It’s also that time when we set ourselves up for crushing failure! Most resolutions fail a few weeks into a new year. Here’s why you fail and what to do ...


  5. Chronic Illness, Fear & COVID-19

    In a special episode, we'll talk about living well through the COVID-19 outbreak with an already existing medical condition. Here are the medical, emotional, social, and practical tips you need. And share your questions to @YourLLWell on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram so Dr. Payne can provide more answers. ...